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April 18, 2014, 10:42:30 PM

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17 Feb 2014 Make up meeting

The new meeting date will be Thursday 2/27 at 6:30pm South Hadley Fire Station.  Thanks

27 Jan 2014 February Meeting

The next SAFL meeting will be Thursday Feb.13 at 6:30 pm at the South Hadley Fire Station.  Major topics will include filling vacant Board spots and forming committees for Scheduling, realignment and rules and bylaws changes.

As I said at the Jan. meeting we need new faces to step up and get involved with the Board and committees. Reps please speak to the members of your respective organizations to see if they would be interested in getting involved. As for those who have been involved for so many years thanks for stepping up as usual. See you next Month.

10 Jan 2014 First meeting of 2014

Hello All,
Hope everyone had a great holiday season now back to work.
Our first meeting for 2014 will be Thursday January 23 6:30 PM at the South Hadley Fire Station.
we will accept nominations for the board and discuss the upcoming season if you have anything you would like to discuss that wont require a vote please feel free to bring it up at the meeting. Thanks

28 Oct 2013 Super Bowls

Thanks for a great playoff weekend I heard from all the sites who hosted and sounded like a lot of terrific games.  Congratulations to all the winners.

The Super Bowl match ups will be as follows:

Red Division Played Sunday November 3rd @ Central High School 12:15 p.m. Pee Wee Start

Pee Wee: South Hadley vs. Springfield CYO

Junior: Holyoke vs. Springfield CYO

Senior: Westfield vs. Sprinfield 5-A
White Division Played Saturday November 2nd @ East Longmeadow High School 5:00 p.m. Pee Wee Start.

Pee Wee: Agawam vs. Wilbraham

Junior: West Springfield vs. Agawam

Senior: Quabbin vs Springfield Wildcats
Blue Division Played Saturday November 2nd @ Chicopee Comprehensive High School 5:00 p.m. Pee Wee Start.

Pee Wee: Ware vs. Chicopee

Junior: Frontier vs. Chicopee

Senior: Ware vs. Chicopee

Thanks And Good Luck To All

24 Oct 2013 Playoffs

The playoff Schedule is as Followswith all games being played Sunday October 27th 12:15 Pee Wee start:

Red Division:
Seeds 1&4 at Spfld 5-A (Central H.S.)

PW. CYO vs Holyoke
JR. CYO vs. Westfield
SR. 5-A vs. CYO

Seeds 2&3 at Wetsfield (Bullens Field)

PW. S.Hadley vs. Westfied
JR. Holyoke vs. S.Hadley
SR. Holyoke vs. Westfield

White Div:
Seeds 1&4 at Spfld Wildcats (Marshall Roy Field)

PW. Wilbraham vs. W.Spfld
JR. Agawam vs. Spfld Wildcats
SR. Quabbin vs. W. Spfld

Seeds 2&3 at Agawam (Kirk Parker Field)

PW. Agawam vs. Quabbin
JR. W. Spfld vs. Wilbraham
SR. Agawam vs. Spfld Wildcats

Blue Div:
Seeds 1&4 at Ludlow (Whitney Park)

PW. Chicopee vs. Palmer
JR. Chicopee vs. Ludlow
Sr. Chicopee vs. Quaboag

Seeds 2&3 at Ware (Ware H.S.)

PW. Ware vs. Ludlow
JR. Frontier vs. Ware
SR. Ware vs. Ludlow

Thanks and Good Luck to all
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